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Trusts & Estates

Bolander Law Group assists clients by evaluating their estates and assisting in the controlling of assets, both before and after death, through careful planning according to clients wishes. We navigate laws governing trusts, estates and gifts, and use our experience to help clients fulfill both short- and long-term goals.


After someone dies, probate may be legally required to transfer title of assets to beneficiaries, to appoint the administrator or executor of the estate, and to determine distribution of assets. Financial institutions, the Department of Motor Vehicles and other businesses or governmental entities require a court order to take an asset or account out of one person’s name and put it into another’s. If your estate has a value over $100,000 or you own real estate valued over $20,000, your estate must go through formal probate, which is a long, costly and public process, often difficult on the loved ones you leave behind. With proper planning, probate can be avoided.

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