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Adoption is topic that is close to the heart of the Bolander Law Group. “The privilege of assisting clients in starting or expanding their families holds a special place in our hearts because we, ourselves, are adopted. Helping adoptive parents navigate through the legal side of this wonderful, giving, and special time truly brings us joy.”
- Lori Bolander & Hilary Vrem


Adoption is a wonderful option for expanding your family, but the laws governing the process can be quite complex. Working with an expert in adoption law will help ensure that your adoption proceeds smoothly. An adoption attorney will:

Provide an unbiased explanation of adoption methods and resources and help you develop a legally secure plan tailored to your needs.

Explain your rights and the adoption laws in your state or refer you to adoption attorneys who practice in other states or internationally.

Assess the risks involved, including determining what costs are legally permissible and ensuring that the birth parents’ rights are legally terminated before placement is finalized.

Review and negotiate adoption agency contracts to ensure that your interests are served.

Clarify your options for post-placement arrangements, if any, with birth parent(s) and draft or review an agreement to ensure your best interests and those of the child are served.

Bolander Law Group can assist you with:

Independent Adoptions
An independent adoption is one in which an agency is not involved and the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parents have a private arrangement for adoption.

Agency Adoptions
Agency adoptions are adoptions in which the adoptive parents have hired an agency to locate a child for them to adopt. Agencies provide many services to adoptive parents. However, agencies do not petition the court for adoption of the child. They may refer the adoptive parents to “their” attorney and often insist the adoptive parents use that attorney. In spite of this, the choice of who your attorney is is ultimately yours and you should be represented by an attorney that you trust, are comfortable with and has your interests at heart.

Stepparent Adoptions
A stepparent adoption occurs when the stepmother or stepfather of the child petitions to be the legal parent of the child.

Domestic Partner Adoptions:
In California, Domestic Partners may legally adopt children. Domestic Partners can adopt through independent and agency adoptions. Additionally, Domestic Partners may adopt their partner’s children, similar to a stepparent adoption.

Adult Adoptions:
Occasionally, an adult may want to adopt another adult. Bolander Law Group has assisted clients with adult adoption where the clients have raised children, being it their niece or nephew or grandchildren, and, upon the child becoming an adult, all parties want to formalize the relationship. For an adult to adopt another adult, the adopting parent must be ten (10) years older than the adoptee.

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