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The Science Behind Alzheimer’s

On March 10, at 12:30, Dr. Michael Raffi will discuss Alzheimer’s Disease research and learn how to maintain a healthy brain.

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BLG Welcomes Intern

Raquel is a student at California Western School of Law and will be focusing her internship on adoption law.

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Seniors Often Are Easy Prey For Abusers

When authorities arrived, Arnold “Max” Bauer was dehydrated and disoriented, holding a photo of the ship he served on in 1941. He was taken to the VA for medical care. This photo was taken from an interview with Bauer for the NOVA documentary “Killer Subs In Pearl Harbor.”

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After Death, Protecting Your ‘Digital Afterlife’

Chances are good that you have hundreds, maybe thousands of e-mails stored on remote servers or in your computer. You might have a Facebook page, or a Tumblr or Twitter account. And you might have countless photos in a Flickr album. All that information amounts to a digital profile of sorts, which raises an interesting question: What happens to that online material when we die?

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